CoxOrb Range

The CoxOrb Range is an electronic range of products that address the needs of crews at every level of the sport.  They were developed with input from coxswains and coaches.

We also stock a large range of CoxOrb accessories.

We also stock all your Wiring needs:  Complete Looms/Harnesses and Loom/Harness Parts.

CoxOrb Cobalt pink

CoxOrb Cobalt

The CoxOrb Cobalt’s large user friendly display with stroke rate and timing is perfect for all crews.

From $769.00 ex GST

CoxOrb Platinum, Light blue

CoxOrb Platinum

The CoxOrb Platinum is the ultimate tool for those focused on performance. Speed and course data allows you to take your water training to the next level.

From $1,249.00 ex GST

CoxOrb Steel

CoxOrb Steel

The CoxOrb Steel is perfect for those who want a compact, no nonsense and lightweight coxing amplifier.

From $649.00 ex GST

CoxOrb Tungsten

CoxOrb Tungsten

The CoxOrb Tungsten’s features provide the perfect tools for those looking to really improve their crew’s performance on the water.

From $939.00 ex GST